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Trouble in a Small Town

A seemingly perfect life goes awry for Mallory Larsen after discovering her fiancé’s affair with her maid of honor. Escaping to her childhood home she hopes to hide from her humiliation and heal. Her quirky family and an understanding neighbor provide temporary solace. However, life in a small town gets complicated when the maid of honor ends up dead, and Mallory is at the top of the suspect list.

When Wade Porter inherits a house in a quiet neighborhood he never imagines the pandemonium that will follow. After meeting the neighbor’s daughter, he’s catapulted into a world that is spinning out of control. How deep should he go into the chaos to help out a virtual stranger who has motive for murder and no alibi?

Will Wade decide Mallory is worth the upheaval she brings into his life? Will Mallory’s family and friends be enough to save her from what appears inevitable? And in the process, will she see through the murk to finally realize the good things life in a small town has to offer?

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I’m delighted to share my books with you. If you enjoy sweet romance stories with a happily ever after please check out one of my stories. My hope is that you will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

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